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Knowing your correct Equipment Type

This article will help you learn your HVAC system and configure the correct Equipment Type for your ENASTAT Full Circle

Your ENASTAT Full Circle is compatible with many different types of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems and it is important to configure your device correctly according to your HVAC system type.

Single stage and multistage HVAC systems are two common types of systems used in residential and commercial buildings, but there are many other types of systems.

Please confirm with your HVAC technician the type of system you have, additionally  the wire labels and colors can be used as indicators to determine the type of system you have based on your previous thermostat or if you already have an ENASTAT installed.

The chart below covers what each wire label means:


Once you have noted which wires your system has, we can being to look at configuring your 'Equipment Type' in configurations by following the steps below:


Select the Settings icon of the device you want to configure


Then select Device Settings


From this screen you can expand the device information by selecting the Arrow button and select the Configurations button



Expand the Equipment Type Menu



  • If your system only has R, W, Y, G, C(optional) then you have a single stage system and can select 'Conventional up to 1 Heat/1 Cool' from the equipment list
    • Can be any combination of these wires
  • If your system has R, W, Y, G ,C(optional) with an addition of W2 and/or Y2 then you have a multistage system and can select 'Conventional up to 3 Heat/2 Cool
  • If your system has an O or B or O/B wire then you will want to select 'Heat Pump Electric up to 4 Heat/2 Cool' or 'Heat Pump Electric up to 3 Heat/1 Cool'
    • Select 'Heat Pump Electric up to 4 Heat/2 Cool' if you have Y1 & Y2 wires
    • Please confirm before selecting this as many thermostats share O/B with W
  • If you have a hydronic or radiant heating system then select 'Hydronic up to 1 Heat'
  • If you have a hybrid system consisting of an Electric Heat Pump and a Gas Furnace then select 'Heat Pump Dual Fuel up to 4 Heat/2 Cool'