What do the icons mean in the App?

Explanation of each icon in the ENASTAT App

The + icon allows you to add your device to a Zone or create a new Zone



Learn more about Zone control benefits here


The Mode icon allows you to select the System Mode between Heat, Cool , Auto, or Off


The Fan icon allows you to select a Fan setting to add additional fan runtime, starting from 10mins/hr up to 60mins/hr. Fan can be set to Auto and it will follow the instructions based on your HVAC system's requirement


The Settings icon allows you to view 'Runtime Overview' or configure 'Device Settings'


Select Runtime Overview to view graphs related to Overview, Equipment, and Temperature

IMG_0815 copy

Example of a Temperature graph


Or select Device Settings to explore device configurations


Each Device card can be expanded to view device information and settings



The Schedule icon allows you to  Add, Edit, or Delete Schedules that suite your work and business requirements


Once Schedules have been created, this Clock icon will turn your schedule On(green)/Off(orange)